image courtesy of sarah c. rutherford

Interstellar Love Craft was born in 2009 of a desire to “give back to the world through acts of creation”, says Marisa.  This decision was made before being introduced to the world of metalsmithing by her first mentor in the trade, Sharon Jeter.  From the moment Marisa began studio assisting Jeter in February 2010, things finally began “falling into place”…

An artist who communicates through the medium of metal as adornment, Marisa’s path is one that seeks to communicate in the universal language of light. Her pieces serve as gentle reminders to nurture our spirits as well as one another’s.  She believes our actions and intentions, when guided by light and love, have the power to heal and transform.  Marisa’s most current body of work contains much of this focus, with pieces containing illusions of sun rays or halos.

Marisa enjoys collaborating through her medium with other artists and designers, including sarah c. rutherford, Carrie George, Emerson & Oliver and her amazing studio assistants, Emily Seaburn and Courtney Smith.

Presently, Marisa can be found working away most every day at her studio located at THE YARDS Collaborative Art Space, where visitors are welcomed every Saturday between 10am-2pm.